Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Modern management approaches for passengers in urban railway systems



  • Time: 15:00
  • Date: 2019.11.06
  • Venue: EE505
  • Language: English


Crowding on urban rail transit is an inevitable issue for most of the high- density cities in the world, especially during peak time. To forecast dynamic passenger flow during peak time in urban rail transit, it’s important for us to know how passengers react to crowding will influence the status of whole network. The presentation will introduce two important choice behaviours, departure time choice and route choice, in dynamic passenger assignment models, and analyse the impact of crowding on both.Many overcrowded urban railways systems want to run more services in peak time, and in such high frequency operation, it is important to properly manage movements of passengers within stations. Railway operators have increasingly various operation-related data, but a challenge is how to exploit it for the purpose of passenger crowd management. This presentation introduces UCL research, which exploits various data on this topic.

The seminar will include two main parts: 1. Explains approaches for passenger crowd movement management, and presents UCL’s research supporting the industry practice. 2. A detailed introduction of the UCL’s new MSc programme in Urban Railways.


Taku Fujiyama: Dr Taku Fujiyama is an Associate Professor at UCL Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering. He is the Director of MSc Urban Railway Programme and also conducts a wide range of research which focuses on metro operations, in particular passenger movements within systems. After working at East Japanese Railway Company as a construction engineer, he read a PhD at UCL and is continuing research on urban railway systems.

Yan Cheng: Dr Yan Cheng is working as a teaching fellow at UCL Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering. She is one of the teaching team for MSc Urban Railways programme, delivering the module Quantitative Methods and Data Systems and part of Urban Railway Planning and Analysis, Urban Railway Business Management and Urban Railways in Global Contexts. She graduated from Tongji University, China, majoring in Urban Railway Planning and Design. Her research interests include passengers’ travel behaviour analysis and demand prediction for railways.